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clover - free avatar by mintyy
Logo pixel by iCheddar

Brooch Bullet merelei by iCheddar Cheddar | ♀ | 23 | Gemini | June 2 | Brooch Bullet merelei by iCheddar

Favorite things:

| Sailor Moon | Pokemon | Cheese | Puns |

Commission Information

I Take Paypal and Points!
Please watch for when my Commissions are Open!

Current Commissions Status:

Img by iCheddar


These are pixels I've made that are Free To Use as long as you Credit me with creating them:

Bitty Icons:

Bitty Moon by iCheddarBitty Mercury by iCheddarBitty Mars by iCheddarBitty Jupiter by iCheddarBitty Venus by iCheddarBitty-Uranus by iCheddarBitty-Neptune by iCheddarBitty-Saturn by iCheddarBitty-Pluto by iCheddarP:  Bitty Blue Mermaid by iCheddarP: Bitty Miaka by iCheddar

Sailor Bows:

Free to Use: Sailor Mercury Bow by iCheddarFree to Use: Sailor Mars Bow by iCheddarFree to use: Sailor Jupiter Bow by iCheddarFree to Use: Sailor Venus Bow by iCheddar
Free To Use: Sailor Uranus Bow by iCheddarFree To Use: Sailor Neptune Bow by iCheddarFree To Use: Sailor Pluto Bow by iCheddarFree to Use: Sailor Saturn Bow by iCheddar

Steven Universe:

F2U: Rose Quartz' Gem by iCheddar


F2U: Sailor Moonie by iCheddarF2U: Tuxedo Ass by iCheddar

Pony Icons

F2U: Rarity by iCheddarF2U: Twilight Sparkle by iCheddarF2U: Fluttershy by iCheddarF2U: Rainbow Dash by iCheddarF2U: Pinkie Pie by iCheddarF2U: Apple Jack by iCheddar

Pokemon Icons:

Pumpkaboo Icon by iCheddarKlefki by iCheddar
Stamp Fairy Type Stamp by milkyribbonFairy Type Stamp by milkyribbonFairy Type Stamp by milkyribbon

Clear Glass Pixels:

Cheesy Pixel by iCheddarMartini pixel by iCheddarTall glass Pixel by iCheddarFREE TO USE: Vial by iCheddar

The Gem World:

Free To Use: Amethyst Gem Stone by iCheddarFree To Use: Pearl Gem by iCheddarFree To Use: Emerald Gem by iCheddarFree To Use: Sapphire Gem by iCheddarFree To Use: Rose Quartz Gem by iCheddar


F2U Cheese Base by iCheddarF2U: Fromage base by iCheddarF2U: Feta Base by iCheddarP2U: Snowglobe Base by iCheddarF2U: Pony Icon Base by iCheddar



Stamp Collection:

Cheddar Stamp by inSYNCinSANITYStamp 5 Commission by derpycatsamachanIn Support of the Cheesy One by iLantiisC: Cheddar99043 support stamp by CatOfDeadMoonThe Long Awaited Chedd Stamp of Love! by Sir-Frog

Character Stamp by ArpieOriginal Characters Stamp by nitchzombieOC - Soul Stamp by AlpharesProud OC Senshi Creator STAMP by kuroitenshi13I support Sailor Aquila by LaraLeeLAquila Stamp by Meinona:thumb297132986::thumb289398497::thumb289398335:Celestial Aquila Stamp by LaraLeeLSailor Ashera Stamp by LaraLeeLStarry Night Stamp by LaraLeeLCotton Candy Sparkle Stamp by LaraLeeLStamp Points commission: Sailor Ruby Flame by NatouMJSonic:Stamp points commission: Sailor Sapphire Sea by NatouMJSonicStamp point commission: Sailor Emerald Earth by NatouMJSonicStamp Points commission Sailor Diamond Wind by NatouMJSonicStamp Points Commission Sailor Opal Ice by NatouMJSonicStamp Points Commission Sailor Obsidian Shadow by NatouMJSonicStamp Points commission Sailor Pearl Light by NatouMJSonicStamp Points Commission Sailor Gold Lightning by NatouMJSonicStamp Points Commission Sailor Silver Storm by NatouMJSonicStamp Points Commission Sailor Tourmaline Time by NatouMJSonicStamp Points commission Sailor Citrine Space by NatouMJSonicStamp points Commission Sailor Alexandrite Soul by NatouMJSoniccheddar99043 Free Stamp by LaraLeeLDemeter Stamp by AllviranChang E Stamp by AllviranStamp 1 Commission by derpycatsamachanStamp 2 Commission by derpycatsamachanStamp 3 Commission by derpycatsamachanStamp 4 Commission by derpycatsamachanProud to be in the Bitty Brigade by LaraLeeLThe Pearl Empress Stamp by LaraLeeLI support Sailor NGC 6751 by LaraLeeLI Support Sailor Ashera by LaraLeeL

stars divider by Choco-Puma

Stefbani-lonesenshi by YettyenSupport Sihria89 by CatOfDeadMoonPC: I Support Wickedz!!! by Sir-FrogAyachi-Chan Rocks by Sir-FrogI support ChobitsMng by sailor-aqua353Support StefBani Stamp by Meinona:C: Cat-with-bright-eyes by SayuriUzumaki:C15: AlwaysXInfinity by SayuriUzumakiGot Senshi? Sakky-Attack by dream0writer7Uni Stamp by UNIesqueSupport Aine Stamp by LaraLeeLSailor Universe Stamp by LaraLeeLWe love Aya Stamp by LaraLeeL



Logo pixel by iCheddar


I reserve the right to block you without warning if you decide to harass me on any of my art pieces, or whatever. I owe you no explanations. At all.

I will do whatever is needed to protect my self and my safe place as i do not take kindly to passive aggressive comments, trolling, rage, insults or bullshit in general.

If you have a problem with me note me.

This is your only warning.

hey guys

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2015, 4:07 PM
Hey so... here's the thing.

I suck at keeping up my end of things. I get really super stoked for something (ie a raffle or a contest) and i assign myself a bunch of art to do for prizes because I WANT to please you guys. and its true! i want to make you guys smile with my artwork. and let me rush in here and say thank you to everybody who is still waiting on me to finish things that i owe... i know i'm bad about it and i'm sorry. Once i finish off my todo list it's probably going to be a VERY VERY VERY long time before i do commissions or art trades or contests or raffles or whatever... i love doing art for you guys, but i also need to stay motivated and i often times find it difficult to be motivated for OCs who are not my own. (please do not take that like im dissing on your ocs, they are YOUR PRECIOUS BABIES. I LOVE THAT THEY ARE YOUR PRECIOUS BABIES. I LOVE IT. I love that they inspire you, but sometimes they do not inspire me the same way that my ocs do. and that's why they are different. and i think that is okay.)

I'm rambling now, but really this journal is to thank everybody who's been waiting for me to finish up stuff that i owe to them.

i appreciate you patience. 


Skin Art: Zaellrin
  • Mood: Hungry


Progress Bars

PB: Cloud - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - Haven't started yet
PB: Cloud - 20% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - Sketching/Sketched
PB: Cloud - 40% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - Lining/Lineart
PB: Cloud - 60% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - Coloring
PB: Cloud - 80% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - Reviewing
PB: Cloud - 100% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - Completed/Posted

Current List:

Pixels i owe:
Lantiis: 2/5 completed
Ashera contest winners 2/5 have contacted me for prizesPB: Cloud - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
OSI top 3 BittiesPB: Cloud - 40% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Art i owe:
please see 2015 art trades journal
Ashera Contest winners artPB: Cloud - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
(Ilalia icon done)

Raffle winners art
Stef:PB: Cloud - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Pyper: PB: Cloud - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Allviran:PB: Cloud - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Art I want to do:
Art of the rest of the GemWorld gang
Aquila Vs X
Hybrid Uni redo
Shane and Eira Comic


*~Cheesy FAQ~*

What Tools do you use?
~ For my Traditional stuff I tend to use whatever I can get my hands on but mostly Colored pencils, some gel pens, and some ancient crayons i used to own from when I was younger and printer paper

~For my digital art I use Photoshop CS5, this includes all of my pixel art

How long have you been drawing?
~I've been drawing since I was 11 years old. Completely self taught.

Where did you get your photoshop from?
~ My mom and dad bought it for me using my student discount at my local Technology store at my College Campus.

Do you have any tutorials that I can use?
~ Since I've never taken a formal art class I would NOT suggest trying to imitate my style; but you are more than welcome to sift through my Stock Tutorials and BG folder i have in my favorites and try working with those!

~i do however have pixel tutorials that i can share with you: Blinking Pixel Tutorial by iCheddar

Do you use a tablet?
~Yes I do.

Do you have any tips for me?
~ Practice practice practice! If you are having trouble getting hands and feet down DRAW NOTHING BUT HANDS AND FEET FOR THE NEXT WEEK! Use references! Use Stock! Use YOUR OWN HANDS AND FEET AS MODELS~!

Why is your name Cheddar?
~ Because I'm Cheesy.

Dear People to me <3


Sailor Moon family:
:iconmoondanceraya::iconstefbani: :iconpandanalove: :iconmeinona: :iconre-pyper::iconmttoto: :iconekaticat: :iconunisamas: :iconsailorlunarangel: :iconhatterrose: :iconlborstproductions: :iconsihi-chan: :iconai-sanura: :iconslmgregory::icondedizenoflight::iconginbutt::iconsunnibutt::iconcm-illustrations::iconilantiis::iconsailoralcyone::iconnickyflamingo::iconlilyumi-chan::icongabistar:

Other accounts:

Miss you guys:


Jul 29, 2015
5:24 pm
Jul 28, 2015
12:14 pm
Jul 28, 2015
12:35 am
Jul 27, 2015
2:48 pm
Jul 27, 2015
12:05 pm


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