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Brooch Bullet merelei by iCheddarBrooch Bullet merelei by iCheddar Cheddar | ♀ | 23 | Gemini | June 2 | Brooch Bullet merelei by iCheddarBrooch Bullet merelei by iCheddar


Boxtop Left Rose by RytheaBoxtop Right Rose by Rythea
*~Cheesy FAQ~*
Right Rose by RytheaLeft Rose by Rythea
What Tools do you use?
~ For my Traditional stuff I tend to use whatever I can get my hands on but mostly Colored pencils, some gel pens, and some ancient crayons i used to own from when I was younger and printer paper

~For my digital art I use Photoshop CS5, this includes all of my pixel art

How long have you been drawing?
~I've been drawing since I was 11 years old. Completely self taught.

Where did you get your photoshop from?
~ My mom and dad bought it for me using my student discount at my local Technology store at my College Campus.

Do you have any tutorials that I can use?
~ Since I've never taken a formal art class I would NOT suggest trying to imitate my style (I suck haha) but you are more than welcome to sift through my Stock Tutorials and BG folder i have in my favorites and try working with those!

~i do however have pixel tutorials that i can share with you: Blinking Pixel Tutorial by iCheddar

Do you use a tablet?
~Yes I do.

Do you have any tips for me?
~ Practice practice practice! If you are having trouble getting hands and feet down DRAW NOTHING BUT HANDS AND FEET FOR THE NEXT WEEK! Use references! Use Stock! Use YOUR OWN HANDS AND FEET AS MODELS~!

Why is your name Cheddar?
~ Because I'm Cheesy.

Pixels for Me

These are pixels i've Commissioned, Requested, and made for myself.

To Be Filled Completely Soon...
IC: Cheddar99043 by LiliireIcon Commission: Aquila by Ai-CherriPC: Cheddar99043 - 4 by WhisperingCorridorsCommission : Cheddar99043 by flutter-chiC: Cheddar99043 by baconscrapsSailor Aquila Icon by YuroppaIcon commission for Cheddar99043 by MagicMoonBirdPC: Aquila Chiibs - Avatar by whiizuSailor Aquila - Cheddar99043 by shiicolateCOMMISSION - Muffin Sailor Aquila by FlusjaaRQ2-cheddar99043 by dororoandkururuSailor Aquila Broach Icon by mereleiSailor Aquila icon by tolipePR .:Cheddar99043:. by Banana-Tan9112Pixel Icon Batch 2 by hazelt1995{Request} Pixel Icon for *Cheddar99043 by Jacket-SnifferSailor Aquila Collar Icon Gift by mereleiAqulia icon!~ by ChibiPixals[Commish] Cheddar99043  [Mouse] by Q-teaAquila Pure Heart Crystal by mereleiSailor Aquila Starseed Icon by mereleiSailor Aqulia by FanboyandChumChumFFFCheddar99043's icon by IndianWolf0606456icon gifts by lilYumi-chanIcon Aquila by TorikiiContest Prize for the-pirateninjagirl by nhprodigioBitty-aquila by iCheddarBitty Celestial Aquila by iCheddarSailor Aquila By Sz Pixels by iCheddarCelestial Sailor Aquila by Kittsay by iCheddarAriel DuLac by Kittsay by iCheddarSailor Aquila By Pyori Chan by iCheddarAriel-Transform by iCheddarSailor Aquila Brooch by iCheddarAriel Dulac by iCheddarAquila Icon by Re-pyper and Buneep by iCheddarPC: Cheddar99043 - 8 by WhisperingCorridorsAquila Icon for Cheddar99043 by TohruIchiAriel's Headphones by iCheddarBabybel Ariel by iCheddar

Icon mini batch 4 by BubblyBluSailor Ashera - Cheddar99043 by shiicolateC: Cheddar99043 by baconscrapsPC: Cheddar99043 - 1 by WhisperingCorridorsBrie Ashera by iCheddarBitty Ashera by iCheddarSailor Ashera Gem by iCheddarAshera by Vibey by iCheddarSailor Ashera By Narune-Chan by iCheddarPC: Cheddar99043 - 6 by WhisperingCorridorsPC: Cheddar99043 - 7 by WhisperingCorridorsAshera by Namiirin by iCheddarSailor Ashera Avatar by merelei

Storm Bringer by Twisted0Muse0Sailor NGC 6751 - Cheddar99043 by shiicolateCup of Chang'e by MoondancerAyaPC: Cheddar99043 - 5 by WhisperingCorridorsPC: Cheddar99043 - 3 by WhisperingCorridorsPC: Cheddar99043 - 2 by WhisperingCorridorsKokoro Arashi Pixel by MoondancerAyaPixel Icon For Cheddar99043 by PiggyEmpireSailor Cotton Candy Sparkle - Cheddar99043 by shiicolateQueen Honey Bee Emblem Icon by MeganEliMoonSailor Cotton Candy Sparkle Emblem Icon by MeganEliMoonBitty-chang'e by iCheddarBitty Demeter by iCheddarBitty Messier 44 by iCheddarSailor Venta By Sz Pixels by iCheddarMessier 44 By Sz Pixels by iCheddarSailor V448's Brooch by iCheddarSailor Ixion by Rytheaicon batch2 by Sereyne

Big Pixels/Page Dolls:
comm Cheddar99043 by Lia-tomoeSailor Aquila Will Cut You by mereleiPoint-Commission---Sailor-Tourmaline by Tasuu-chanPoint-Commission---Sailor-Sirene by Tasuu-chanPoint-Commission---Sailor-Ashera by Tasuu-chanPoint-Commission---Sailor-Aquila by Tasuu-chanPoint-Commission---Celestial-Sailor-Aquila by Tasuu-chan:thumb347428424:Sailor Cotton Candy Sparkle by rainscarceSailor Flare by rainscarceSailor Aquila by rainscarce.::Ready to Fight::. by iCheddarSailor Demeter by iCheddarChang'e Pixel by iCheddarPage Doll: Sailor Aquila by iCheddarCM:Cheddar99043 (i move!) by lilYumi-chanSailor Ashera Pagedoll by Nightmare583

Banners and Bullets:
Sailor Aquila Pixel Set by mereleiHeart n Ribbon Divider (Aqua+Yellow) - F2U! by Drache-LehreCollar bullet merelei by iCheddarTeardrop bullet Merelei by iCheddarBrooch Bullet merelei by iCheddarBack bow banner Merelei by iCheddarFront Bow Banner Merelei by iCheddar

Free To Use Pixels

These are pixels I've made that are Free To Use as long as you Credit me with creating them:

Bitty Icons:
Bitty Moon by iCheddarBitty Mercury by iCheddarBitty Mars by iCheddarBitty Jupiter by iCheddarBitty Venus by iCheddarBitty-Uranus by iCheddarBitty-Neptune by iCheddarBitty-Saturn by iCheddarBitty-Pluto by iCheddarP:  Bitty Blue Mermaid by iCheddarP: Bitty Miaka by iCheddar

Sailor Bows:
Free to Use: Sailor Mercury Bow by iCheddarFree to Use: Sailor Mars Bow by iCheddarFree to use: Sailor Jupiter Bow by iCheddarFree to Use: Sailor Venus Bow by iCheddar
Free To Use: Sailor Uranus Bow by iCheddarFree To Use: Sailor Neptune Bow by iCheddarFree To Use: Sailor Pluto Bow by iCheddarFree to Use: Sailor Saturn Bow by iCheddar

Pokemon Icons:
Pumpkaboo Icon by iCheddarKlefki by iCheddar

Stamp Fairy Type Stamp by milkyribbonFairy Type Stamp by milkyribbonFairy Type Stamp by milkyribbon

Clear Glass Pixels:
Cheesy Pixel by iCheddarMartini pixel by iCheddarTall glass Pixel by iCheddarFREE TO USE: Vial by iCheddar

The Gem World:
Free To Use: Amethyst Gem Stone by iCheddarFree To Use: Pearl Gem by iCheddarFree To Use: Emerald Gem by iCheddarFree To Use: Sapphire Gem by iCheddarFree To Use: Rose Quartz Gem by iCheddar

F2U Cheese Base by iCheddarF2U: Fromage base by iCheddar

My Sailor Senshi Allies

Senshi Alliance Badge Center - Sailor Sun 50x50 by mishihimeSeshi Badge Eternal Sailor Sun by nickyflamingoSenshi Badge Sailor Gamma Leonis by nickyflamingoWar badge small by UnisamasVD7840 small badge by Unisamas50 x 50 Solarion Badge by JoJiaMystieSenshi Badge: Sailor Meo by WanderingKotkaSenshi Badge: Sailor Sun by WanderingKotkaSailor Illumina Mini Badge by JeishiiSailor Dark Matter 50 x 50 badge by JoJiaMystie


Cheddar Stamp by inSYNCinSANITYStamp 5 Commission by derpycatsamachanIn Support of the Cheesy One by iLantiisC: Cheddar99043 support stamp by CatOfMoonThe Long Awaited Chedd Stamp of Love! by Sir-Frog

Character Stamp by ArpieOriginal Characters Stamp by nitchzombieOC - Soul Stamp by AlpharesProud OC Senshi Creator STAMP by kuroitenshi13I support Sailor Aquila by LinaLeeLAquila Stamp by MeinonaPC: stamp - Sailor Universe and Sailor Aquila by NightofGoddessPC: Stamp of Sailor Aquila - part 2 by NightofGoddessPC: Stamp of Sailor Aquila - part 1 by NightofGoddessCelestial Aquila Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Ashera Stamp by LinaLeeLStarry Night Stamp by LinaLeeLCotton Candy Sparkle Stamp by LinaLeeLStamp Points commission: Sailor Ruby Flame by NatouMJSonic:Stamp points commission: Sailor Sapphire Sea by NatouMJSonicStamp point commission: Sailor Emerald Earth by NatouMJSonicStamp Points commission Sailor Diamond Wind by NatouMJSonicStamp Points Commission Sailor Opal Ice by NatouMJSonicStamp Points Commission Sailor Obsidian Shadow by NatouMJSonicStamp Points commission Sailor Pearl Light by NatouMJSonicStamp Points Commission Sailor Gold Lightning by NatouMJSonicStamp Points Commission Sailor Silver Storm by NatouMJSonicStamp Points Commission Sailor Tourmaline Time by NatouMJSonicStamp Points commission Sailor Citrine Space by NatouMJSonicStamp points Commission Sailor Alexandrite Soul by NatouMJSoniccheddar99043 Free Stamp by LinaLeeLDemeter Stamp by AllviranChang E Stamp by AllviranStamp 1 Commission by derpycatsamachanStamp 2 Commission by derpycatsamachanStamp 3 Commission by derpycatsamachanStamp 4 Commission by derpycatsamachanProud to be in the Bitty Brigade by LinaLeeLThe Pearl Empress Stamp by LinaLeeLI support Sailor NGC 6751 by LinaLeeLI Support Sailor Ashera by LinaLeeL

stars divider by Choco-Puma

Stefbani-lonesenshi by YettyenSupport Sihria89 by CatOfMoonPC: I Support Wickedz!!! by Sir-FrogAyachi-Chan Rocks by Sir-FrogI support ChobitsMng by sailor-aqua353Support StefBani Stamp by Meinona:C: Cat-with-bright-eyes by SayuriUzumaki:C15: AlwaysXInfinity by SayuriUzumakiGot Senshi? Sakky-Attack by dream0writer7Uni Stamp by UNIesqueSupport Aine Stamp by LinaLeeLSailor Universe Stamp by LinaLeeLWe love Aya Stamp by LinaLeeL

stars divider by Choco-Puma

Super Sailor Moon Stamp by Crisis-DaiSailor Jupiter Stamp by Dinosaur-RyuzakoSailor Jupiter - Stamp by Nana-BlankSailor Neptune - Stamp by Nana-Blanksailor moon by pandalovesmilkMillenium by princesspheonixSailor Jupiter transformation by Strange-little-catMichiruxHaruka STAMP by Olku-san:thumb151340510:Sailor Neptune Stamp by aoi-ryuI love Sailor Moon R Stamp by Crisis-DaiSenshi Stamp by SongficcerPluto is a planet by Violet-GrubsSailor Moon is Still Awesome by tennyocelestiaBishoujo Senshi by It-is-a-circleSailor Moon Stamp by Dinosaur-RyuzakoSailor Neptune Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako: Stamp : Sailor Moon Crystal #1 + NEWS!!!!!! by ichiipantsu: Stamp: Sailor Moon Crystal #2 by ichiipantsu

stars divider by Choco-Puma

Deadpool fan stamp by Redstar212Pepsi Love Stamp by wangqrNerdy Boyfriend stamp by missjesswinkwinkWithin Temptation stamp by purgatoriDisney Whore Stamp by tafkaeDoctor Who by MySweetQueenPC: stamp - UniXLink by NightofGoddessConstantine Stamp by FireFlea-San:C22: AlwaysXInfinity by SayuriUzumakiI Love The Legend of Zelda Stamp by ladybug95Sakura Stamp by subaru87Ivy Stamp by AlectorFencerSailor Astera Stamp by dream0writer7Princess Tutu Stamp by Naaya-NekoHvZ Stamp by KawaiiChan789Ninth Dr. Who STAMP by SD-StampsGame Boy Stamp by Kezzi-RoseOnix Stamp by Kezzi-RoseRaichu 'n' Furret Stamp by Kezzi-RoseOuran Hikaru Stamp by erjanksOuran Kaoru Stamp by erjanksSailor Astera Stamp by leichanFakir Fangirl by shifaikiaI :heart: Otaku Senshi Stamp by FlyingTanukiStamp - Top Gear Technologic by Leonic0922Don't Mess With Texas by RedBigTexDancing Stormtroopers by Mr-StampThis Stamp... by ARTic-WeatherDrachea Rannak Fan Stamp by AkatsukiBlossomwater element by Smaragdiawind element by Smaragdiafire element by Smaragdiaearth element by SmaragdiaDrachea Rannak Stamp by goddess-of-the-moon1D.R. Stamp by CyllanPennor:thumb92633786:Magic by Droneguard
Sword Art Online Stamp by LinaLeeLPrincess Amethyst Stamp by LinaLeeLPrincess Tutu Stamp by Naaya-NekoFakir Stamp by shifaikiaFakiru Stamp by KogunFakir Fangirl by shifaikia

stars divider by Choco-Puma

Stamp - I'm crazy,deal with it by RittikStamp-Can't live without books by RittikI Love Storms by ImFeelingStampityi love my DS stamp by RRRAICritiques wanted by prosaixCOCL in training stamp by snurkmaidenStamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirlStamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirlMusic is my life by jackroonoLightning Love Stamp by enigmatiaFantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatoriWeird Noises by SardiiniOwn World stamp by CheywolfeI'm a Very Happy Girl -stamp- by Princess-PeachieI Eat Chocolate Stamp by TheChocolateClubNO SMOKE STAMP by schtolzStamp: Practice by MeckelFoxStudioGirl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic:thumb98874067::thumb213696113:Hogwarts Stamp by WetWithRainGay Rights Stamp by Raven-LaLupa:thumb139873698:I Believe in Ghosts by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeBelieve by iSpyCandidPokemon Fan by AssClownFishRole Play stamp by ZeronixI Love Eyes Stamp by Sugargrl14Just you wait-PokeTrainer by DesuSigMakerPoke Fan for life. by DesuSigMakerI Love OCs- Stamp by FakeWings18Self-taught by tRiBaLmArKiNgSKind of a lot of things by eranashineOC - Soul Stamp by AlpharesAmazing Person by SparkLum:thumb122651810:Night Person Stamp by ClearBlueSkysMoon Lover I by renatalmarI Love my watchers by SedmaI Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31dHell by trinitylast+Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirl.I LOVE COLORS. by Tajii-chanLanguage Tollerance Stamp by P0W4H-L4D33Bidoof Hate Stamp by The-Blue-PangolinPokemon Stamp by MarkiSanPirate - Kitz-the-Kitsune by stamps-clubStamp: I Support Cheese 8D by xxsomeoneelsexx



Journal Entry: Thu Jul 10, 2014, 11:51 AM
Auditions Open! RP, Memes, and Spectator Contest!?
Bishoujo Senshi Original Character Tournament
Now Accepting Auditions from July 7th to August 7th
:bulletblue:About BSOCT :bulletred:The Rules :bulletyellow:The Character Sheet
:bulletwhite:How to Audition
:bulletblack:Roleplay Chat :bulletblack:Admin Chat
Group Roleplay Chat
You read that correct we now have a group roleplay chat! Now lets lay down some ground rules!
1. Follow all group rules while in the RP chat
2. If people are role playing keep general chit chat to a minimum

We now have a CONTEST going on to design our Groups News Reporter for the BSOCT Universe to keep everyone informed! PLEASE THINK ABOUT JOINING! You could win some cool prizes INCLUDING PIXEL ART OF THE WINNING DESIGN FROM MEEEE~!!! So come on and Join in the fun! :D




****** IMPORTANT*******


Please be sure that you are ready and able to join the OCT and be able to continue along with it for as long as you can

Read this first:
How to OCT by RobinRone
(this explains the basics of how an OCT works)

Information about our specific OCT:
Bishoujo Senshi Original Character Tournament
:bulletblue:About BSOCT :bulletred:The Rules :bulletyellow:The Character Sheet
The Bishoujo Senshi Original Character Tournament is a Sailor Moon based OCT. OC Senshi across the vast Multi-Verse receive the call to leave their homes and participate in this large Tournament. Based on a Large Space Station, the rounds take place on 8 host Planets that will test each Sailor Scout in a number a Trials that will test their wisdom, power and courage. The scout with the most points will be granted One wish upon the Silver Crystal.
Hello and welcome to the BSOCT, here we will explain the story and set of the group~
So to start...
The Story
In the 2nd age

Also Check out the Rules to follow:
The BSOCT Rules
Bishoujo Senshi Original Character Tournament
The following is the rules and regulations for the BSOCT. Rule breakers will be disciplined.
Rules and Regulations:
1. All work submitted must be original and new. Anything created before the tournament opens will not be accepted. No bases, tracing, etc. is allowed. Creativity and originality counts!
2.  Male characters are allowed but they cannot be senshi.
4. This group respects all aspects of people, including race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, religion, body shape, size, and ability. Violating this is against the rules and will result in eviction from the group.
5. You can not enter and/or take the place of a canon character.
6. Creativeness and hard work over skill. Your work must show that you put some effort into it and it must be completely you work. The use of references and stock images is allowed as

Right here is gunna be all the specifics that we need in your Character's Reference Sheet
PROTIP: THE MORE INFORMATION YOU GIVE US THE BETTER. please make it sensible (we don't care that when she was ten she adopted a puppy UNLESS THAT PUPPY TURNS INTO HER GUARDIAN, aka leave out trivial stuff. write what is important)

The Character Sheet
Bishoujo Senshi Original Character Tournament
Doing a Character Sheet is easy! Just follow these guidelines:
Here is are Examples:
Rules on Character Sheets:
1. All art must be new and original. Follow the group rules.  
2. Fill it out fully, to the best of your ability, or to what is applicable to your OC. Must be a FULL BODY image of your OC. Anything less will be rejected.
3. Your scout must start out in their first "weakest" form You will earn 2 upgrades during the OCT
4.  You may only have up to 3 Attacks. (Upon gaining those upgrades your senshi can get 1 new attack from each upgrade)
5. Male characters are allowed but they cannot be senshi.
6. You can use a preexisting OC or make a new one.  
7. Parody senshi are allowed  
8. IF you enter a senshi team/OC team, please try to fit them all on one character sheet.
All entrants will create a Charcter Sheet that w

When you've finished and submitted your character sheet please take a look here to see how to enter into the Auditions.... 


Because my small cheese poof, we want to see HOW your character gets to the BSOCT arena. They don't just magically know. Does their guardian tell them about it? Do the receive a package in the mail with a mysterious crescent moon as the return address? Do they see it in the jewelry shop and simply MUST HAVE IT???? 

I dunno. you tell me ;)

Auditions are now OPEN!
Bishoujo Senshi Original Character Tournament
:bulletblue:About BSOCT :bulletred:The Rules :bulletyellow:The Character Sheet
Now Accepting Applicants, July 7th to August 7th:
Hello Future Competitors I am proud to Announce that The Bishojo Senshi Original Character Tournament Is Officially Excepting applications for entrance into the contest proper! Starting From July 7th 2014 to August 7th 2014 (if we do not get an acceptable amount of applications we will extend it on that date)  
Your Application consists of your character sheet explained in "The Character Sheet" and a audition comic as well!
And now allow me to Explain

Oh yeah i should probably tell you that me and Ashera will be judging this ;)
*protip: this was the original reason why she was created. She has most certainly grown in that time though ;) *

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything :)

Hope to see you there

Commish_69 : Cheddar99043 by Pan-ChuSailor Ashera Chibi by ArtistMeliSailor Ashera by MilkPeach[C] Sailor Ashera (Minimalist Bust) by GabiStar::COM:Sailor Ashera:: by xCheekiieSAILOR ASHERA* FALLING SKY by THEblack-sheepMirach and Ashera by VeggieSexyColored Headshot Commission: Sailor Ashera by galia-and-kitty

Box 2

Box 3
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I really wanna join :iconwalkingcityoct: >w> 

6 deviants said YOU SHOULD DO IT on your :iconcheddaroct: account
2 deviants said Naw you have OSI to work on remember?
1 deviant said Naw you have Life to attend to
No deviants said Naw you have your store to work on remember?


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Welcome To My Profile - Green - Mossy's Graphics by MossyMyBaby

About Me Free To Use by Samurai-Pegasis

My name is Chelsea, I'm currently 23 years old.
Astrology Series - Gemini by feiyan
I'm a Self Taught Artist, and my main form of art is Digital Art.

I love Sailor Moon:

My main Sailor Moon OC that I'm most well known for is Sailor Aquila
Point-Commission---Sailor-Aquila by Tasuu-chanSailor Aquila Collar Icon Gift by mereleiAquila Pure Heart Crystal by mereleiSailor Aquila Starseed Icon by mereleiSailor Aquila Broach Icon by mereleiC: Cheddar99043 by baconscrapsPage Doll: Sailor Aquila by iCheddar

I also really love Pokemon
TEAM ALPHA SAPPHIRE - F2U by SuperHeroPattyFattyTEAM OMEGA RUBY - F2U by SuperHeroPattyFatty

I mostly draw girls in my own take on an "anime" style but i'm starting to venture into drawing guys more. So it'll take me some time but i'm working on it.

I use emoticons a lot when i type. I feel that they help break up the monotony of just a long group of text. Plus, Thank you so much ~! looks a lot better than Thank you so much

I have a LOT of people whom i call friends and i would list them all but its a really really REALLY long list and i don't want anyone to feel left out from it so if you talk to me on a pretty regular basis then we're probably friends ^^

Art status free to use by Samurai-Pegasis
Gifts Friends Only by StampMakerLKJ
Requests Friends Only by StampMakerLKJ
Trades Friends Only by StampMakerLKJ
Commissions Ask by StampMakerLKJ

I do accept point commissions for SOME COMMISSIONS
I do accept Paypal
I can accept Snail Mail

Stamps Free To Use by Samurai-Pegasis

Cheddar Stamp by inSYNCinSANITYStamp 5 Commission by derpycatsamachanIn Support of the Cheesy One by iLantiis
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designChina lang3 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

Alternate accounts:
:iconcheddar99044: From when Nick kicked me off my main account
:iconcheddaroct: For Comics and OCT Stuff
:iconsailoraquilaplz: for teh lulz

*Note these accounts are not checked much so please do not message me anything important.

You can find me off of deviantart at:
Facebook Fan Page:

Other website links will be updated at a later time. Thank you for understanding.


Jul 22, 2014
8:33 pm
Jul 22, 2014
8:06 pm
Jul 22, 2014
7:24 pm
Jul 22, 2014
3:11 pm
Jul 22, 2014
1:46 pm

To do stuff


PB: Cloud - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - haven't started yet
PB: Cloud - 20% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - Sketching/Sketched
PB: Cloud - 40% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - Lining/Lineart
PB: Cloud - 60% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - Coloring
PB: Cloud - 80% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - Reviewing and final touches
PB: Cloud - 100% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre - Completed/Posted

Contest Winners:
:iconmiyeong: 1 bitty 3 bust shots
:iconginbutt: 2 bust shots
:icongabistar: 1 Bust shot

Paypal Commissions:

Art trades:
:icontoto-the-cat: 5 headphone pixels

Other things:
Entry for :iconotakusenshiidols: *Due July 24th* PB: Cloud - 60% - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Dear People to me <3

Heart n Ribbon Divider (Aqua+Yellow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Sailor Moon family:
:iconmoondanceraya::iconstefbani: :iconpandanalove: :iconmeinona: :iconre-pyper::icontoto-the-cat: :iconcat-with-dark-eyes: :iconunisamas: :iconsailorlunarangel: :iconhatterrose: :iconchobitsmng: :iconsihi-chan: :iconai-sanura: :iconsinging-kiwi::icondedizenoflight::iconginbutt::iconsailorsun18::icondark-lovette::iconilantiis::iconsailoralcyone::iconnickyflamingo::iconlilyumi-chan:
Heart n Ribbon Divider (Aqua+Yellow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


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